healthStanley is a big believer in taking responsibility for oneself. We can blame a lot on genetics, but the bottom line is that you are in control of a large portion of your health and wellbeing. Take responsibility and action to make yourself well.

While Stanley cannot share the secrets to longevity, he does know something about maintaining an active and productive lifestyle. He suspects that to remain physically competent one should have a healthy attitude, avoid an excessive degree of contact sports, pay attention to posture and not let too many months pass without being in peak physical shape.

A healthy attitude makes him pay attention to diet and nutrition. He maintains a healthy weight, but is not skinny – if anything a few pounds overweight. He claims that is fine, if underneath it all one’s cardiovascular system is fit. Everything in moderation is fine. For the most part, he avoids fatty meats, whole milk and sweets. He finds most desserts unappealing, not because he doesn’t like them… but because they are so bad for one’s health. He claims the same with carbonated beverages, although in moderation all is okay, and admits a cola does go well with rum!

He does take a cholesterol lowering medication and a small aspirin each day, both as preventative measures. He believes there is sound medical evidence that these are good choices. There is evidence that the cholesterol lowering medication may reduce the incidence of Alzheimer Disease and that the aspirin has steadily become recognized as a valid prevention of a number of conditions, including colon cancer.

There is one aspect of good health that Stanley believes is being forgotten, or often overlooked. This is maintaining good posture. Once you start to slouch, you impede lung function and movements of the arms and legs. You begin to look old, which in turn makes you feel old. He likes to keep his shoulders back, pull in his chin and walk with a spring in his step. He admits, he may be fooling himself, but claims it is habit forming, and makes him look and feel better. So his advice is to think about posture. Sit up straight, stand straight and move with a spring and purpose. Stop shuffling!

Stanley also practices a simple lifestyle of regular exercise, a carefully chosen diet, and some pharmaceutical prevention. It is a simple model that could be done by anyone!