It was a rough entry to Cape Timage003own, as a gale blew from the south east and winds were consistent at some 35-40 miles per hour. There was in addition, a great deal of shipping traffic rounding the Cape, going from and to Europe or Asia. When approaching land, there is a fear of over sleeping and ending up on the rocks. I was awake for the 36 hours, given the winds, traffic and fast approaching land.

The boat is now being given the attention it needs. Sails off to the loft, boom to the spar makers and me to a hotel.  The damage to the boat is even more extensive than I had thought and could be seen from the dock. But all will be taken care of as there are excellent facilities and talent here in Cape Town. All are agreed that coming to port was a wise choice.

Catherine and I will be touring a wine district today and flying home this weekend. Delivery crew will bring the boat back to the USA. It’s been quite an adventure.

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  1. Wayne Dunn says:

    Congrats from all of us. Well done.

  2. Walter Wildman says:

    My wife and I were in St. Augustine when Mr. Paris left and have followed him each day since coming back home to Glen Allen, Virginia.

    It has certainly been quite an adventure for Mr. Paris. I wish him the best in his decision to restart in Novmber.

    Good job Mr. Paris!

  3. John Haley says:

    Dr. Paris,
    I first saw Kiwi Spirit last year when I was in St. Augustine for the FCOC Regatta. I have followed your preparation and execution of this adventure with great interest. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    This attempt was a great achievement and quite inspiring.


    John Haley

  4. william brennan says:

    Welcome back.
    Safe and sound and a little bit the wiser.

  5. Thanks for finally writing about > Kiwi Spirit Arrives in Cape Town.

    | Dr. Stanley Paris – Kiwi Spirit, a custom designed 63-foot yacht < Loved it!

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