It’s now clear to me that there are times in life where we defensively deny giving thought to our innermost fears. Such is the situation with me aboard Kiwi Spirit. After 41 days at sea, I was beginning to see that bit-by-bit the yacht was not ready for the worst that the Southern Ocean could deliver – anywhere from five to ten gales, and one or two storms. This boat could no longer, in its present state, handle such forces, and I knew deep down that I was not prepared to give voice to it. Then a member of my team did, and the rest, including me, agreed. Surprisingly a great sense of relief came over me, for now I could recognize and give voice to my mounting concerns and fears.  Yes, I still have to get through the next six days in this ocean and make it to Cape Town. I will do my best to nurse her along. The fat lady has not yet been heard singing.

I still have to make it to Cape Town and will need to nurse this ship all the way.

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  1. Pamela Duffy says:

    With you all the way, Stanley, admire your bravery and fortitude, and what you set out to do. “The better part of valor is discretion” and that you are showing, and have shown throughout. Godspeed, friend.

  2. Dorene Petersen says:

    Stanley good luck getting to Cape Town! Wise choice you made!

  3. Elaine Armantrout says:

    May I share with you something I learned from Ed Viesturs, our local mountaineer who summitted all fourteen 8000-meter peaks without oxygen (including Everest seven times): “Climbing has to be a round trip. The mountain decides whether you climb or not. The art of mountaineering is knowing when to go, when to stay, and when to retreat.” On more than one occassion he turned back just a few meters from a summit. Success is all about the round trip and I’d like to see you succeed. Cape Town should be lovely this time of year.
    Your sailing pal,

  4. Loraine says:

    You have been wise so far in your life decisions! Mii Amo, Catherine, family and friends wait for your next pages.
    Safe journey… homeward bound.

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