Dr. Stanley Paris is a man in motion. He has spent a lifetime pursuing excellence in business and sport. He seeks out challenges and tackles them to the ground, showing us all that nothing is impossible. On land, or at sea, Dr. Paris is not afraid of failure. He pursues his dreams and gives back to the community in a generous and meaningful way. He is inspired by others, including his heroes that have sailed the globe and tackled various other challenges. He will simply not stop.

In November 2014, Paris departed his hometown of St. Augustine, Florida on the occasion of that city, the nation’s oldest, celebrating its 450 years. This will establish a new record (St. Augustine to St. Augustine around the world solo, unassisted and non-stop). From St. Augustine Paris will sail north east to Bermuda, round it (without stopping) and start challenging an existing sailing record set by Dodge Morgan in 1986. Paris expects the journey to take 120+ days sailing solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world. He will not carry an engine, or any hydrocarbons of any sort. Sailing around the world’s great capes, he will become the oldest person in the world to sail non-stop and unassisted around the world and the only American to ever do it completely green. Stanley’s own son, Alan Paris, sailed the globe alone in the Around Alone race of 2002-3. Stanley is inspired by the accomplishments of others.

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